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How to Verify a Professional's License in Sterling Heights?

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is the agency responsible for the licensure and regulation of professionals in Sterling Heights. The Department performs these duties through several Bureaus and Commissions, including the Bureau of Professional Licensing, which currently regulates over 700,000 professionals. Before hiring a professional in Sterling Heights, it is important to verify this professional's license to ensure they can lawfully operate within the city. For instance, professional contractors cannot undertake a building-related job above $600 without a state-level license. To verify a professional's license, you can utilize the LARA license verification portal or contact the relevant Bureau or Commission specifically regulating the professional's occupational category. For further assistance or general inquiries, you can also contact the LARA at (517) 335-9700.

In addition to confirming a professional's compliance with license requirements, you should also confirm if the professional must comply with any other city-issued occupational directives. For example, contractors in Sterling Heights must apply for a permit before handling most home improvement or construction-related jobs. The city's Building Department issues these permits, and interested persons can contact the Department at (586) 446-2955 to make permit inquiries.

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Do Sterling Heights Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Sterling Heights is split into 40 local electoral precincts and governed by a 7-member City Council. In performing its duty as the governing body, the City Council develops city legislation, makes economic plans, and oversees several City Departments. However, the City Council does not issue building, construction, or home improvement permits. While the City Council does not issue construction-related permits, it has the duty of overseeing land use development in Sterling Heights. To this end, the City Council recently approved a proposed four-story residential apartment complex to be developed not far from the Lakeside Mall area. It is expected that the approved development will partly address the growing demand for apartments in the city. The City Council has also overseen many infrastructural developments, such as the $25 million renovations of City Hall, the city library, the Police Department, and the 41-A District Court to improve city service delivery in the areas of governance, leisure, and security.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Sterling Heights?

Residents of Sterling Heights can file reports of unfair business practices with the Consumer Fraud Unit of the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office. This Unit is tasked with protecting consumers in Sterling Heights against fraud and addressing new home construction and home improvement-related disputes. Residents can file a complaint with this Unit online or in person. If you wish to file a complaint in person, you have to download a Consumer Complaint Form, fill the form correctly, and return it to

  • Macomb County Prosecutor's Office
  • Consumer Protection Unit
  • Macomb County Administrative Building
  • One South Main
  • Third Floor
  • Mount Clemens, MI 48043

You can also file a separate criminal report with the Sterling Heights Police Department if you suspect you are a victim of consumer fraud. For inquiries on the processes for filing this criminal report, you can contact the Police Department at (586) 446-2800.

The Consumer Fraud Unit attends to each consumer complaint individually and may involve an investigator or attorney. After adequate investigation, the Unit may commence legal action or impose a penalty on the business or professional in your complaint. However, note that such actions may not be to ensure that you are reimbursed. To ensure your reimbursement for the unfair actions of a business or professional, you can file a claim at the Small Claims Division of the Macomb County 42nd District Court. Note that this court only handles claims involving $6,500 or less. Finally, although claims filed in this court do not require an attorney, it is best to consult one for advice before beginning court proceedings.